Trigger Sony Nex cameras with a Pixhawk and IR Trigger cable


Do the following to connect your Sony Nex (5, 5N, 5T,) A6000, Nex7r,  to a Pixhawk with an infrared trigger cable and trigger the camera based on GPS distance.

Sony IR Cable

Sony IR trigger cable
Trigger your Sony Nex 5 or a6000. Also includes 15cm male to male servo cable to connect to your Pixhawk.


.2 Lbs

Configure your Pixhawk

  1. Connect to your Pixhawk with Mission Planner and go to Initial Setup > Camera Gimbal and set the following:
  2. Note the - + S when connecting the servo cable
  3. .
  4. On JR/Spektum style cables orange is S, on Futaba style cables S is white.
  5. Note location of RC ports.
  7. Slide IR trigger and servo cable into camera mount as shown. Connect servo cable to AUX2 / RC10.
  8. Finished.
  9. On your camera go to Menu > Camera > Drive Mode and select Remote Cdr.
  10. Go to the FLIGHT DATA screen in Mission Planner. Right-click on the map and select Trigger Camera NOW. If everything is setup correctly your Pixhawk will trigger the camera and it is capable of triggering pictures using GPS distance.